Guardians Of the Children Puget Sound Chapter

"Don't Let Your Silence Drown Out Their Cries"


Our members are 100% volunteers - no paid members.

We are not vigilantes.

We do not seek revenge for the victims.

We protect the innocent.

We empower the abused.

All levels of membership:

  • Must pass a background investigation.
  • Be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Abide by the GOC Code of Conduct while representing GOC.

  • · Must wear the identifying member patches while representing GOC.
  • · Must maintain a 70% or above attendance at all official events for their Chapter.
  • · Must own a motorcycle or have access by means of spouse or live in/domestic partner.
  • · Have voting privileges.
  • · Must wear the identifying prospective issued patches while representing GOC.
  • · Must attend all official events for their Chapter as designated by the President (unless excused) for a minimum of one year or as determined by a unanimous vote of the Chapter Officers to become eligible to be a Patch Holder/Member.
  • · Will have no voting privileges.
  • · Must maintain loyalty to GOC and follow all directives given by the officers.
  • · May attend all rallies, court hearings, events and meetings.
  • · May not be individual contacts for GOC children.
  • · May not wear member patches.
  • · May not identify themselves as a member.
  • · Will have no voting privileges.

Need more information?

Attend one of our Chapter meetings.


Call: (253) 271-9569

Ask a patched member.

I am guardian...

I am an advocate for children of abuse and neglect.
I am willing to stand outside the house of a child in the 
middle of the night so that child knows they are safe.
I will sit in the courtroom so that child can see 
friendly face as they have to testify against their abuser.
I will sit in the hospital for comfort and protection.
I will be there for a hug when that child needs one.
I am a guardian.

If seen I will put myself in harm's way to protect a child.
I am not alone.
There are many of us out there.
We are a band of brothers and sisters.
We are the guardians of the children.
I am a guardian. 

Why do I do this you ask?
Our children are meant to be loved.
To be taken care of.
To be able to rely on we adults to love them.
To be shown that family has each others backs.
I am a guardian.

The scaring affects from abuse doesn't end when the abuse stops
These scars yet most on the inside last a lifetime
The memories of what happens can stay with them forever.
Today I stand for those who can't stand alone.
Today I am a guardian. 

Don't let your silence drown out their cries

Be aware.

Help stop child abuse

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